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Thrybergh Fullerton
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Welcome toThrybergh Fullerton C of E Primary Academy

Foundation 1

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to F1 at Thyrbergh Fullerton C of E Primary Academy. I would like to give you all a very warm welcome into school life at Fullerton and hope that you and your child have a lovely year with us in F1. Our first few weeks will be busy settling the children into the class and getting to know them as well as the children getting to know each other. Over the course of the year we have lots of nice and exciting things happening including a range of different topics. Our first topic is about superheroes, where we will be focusing on different superheroes and talking about their special powers as well as other exciting activities. The second topic is called are eggs alive and will be focusing on farm animals. During this topic we will also be visiting Cannon Hall Farm to learn more about the different farm animals.

Here is some information to explain further some of the things which are important to know about life in F1. Please feel free to clarify anything you do not fully understand or would like more information on


  • During the next few weeks your child will receive their free school book bag, this is so you can choose a book with your child every week to take home and share with them during their time at home. They will also have a reading record book in their book bag which we ask that you fill in after you have read with your child stating how they have got on with their book. We encourage you to ask lots of questions about the book and talk about the pictures as this will help your child’s reading skills to develop.

  • If you haven’t already done so please could you bring your child a water bottle so they have constant access to a drink during their time at school. We kindly ask if you could fill the water bottle up for your child daily and take it home to wash it once a week to keep it clean (the bottles are kept in the drawers at the side of the snack area and are labelled with your child’s picture)

  • If your child does something new at home please complete a star (next to the little stars display on the carpet) for our board in the classroom, as these are used towards their assessment profile which builds up over the course of the year. Often children do things at home that we can’t see at school.

  • The children have continued access to our mud kitchen when playing outside so we ask if you could provide your child with some wellies to keep at school so they can access this area (without wellies they will be unable to play here as they could become messy) The mud kitchen is a fabulous area for extra learning and the children gain so many new experiences from playing here (please label your child’s wellies with their name as sometimes children have the same pair of wellies).

  • If possible could your write your child’s name in their school uniform as sometimes they are took home by other children by mistake. This will help us to make home time a more easier and quicker process.

Thankyou for your support


Miss Wigfield