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Class 6 - Mrs Lowry



Welcome back to the Summer term.  We have a very busy and exciting term ahead of us.  We start this term at full speed with being ready to learn and being resilient at the heart of all we do.   We are very much looking forward to the residential - Let's see if we are brave enough to complete all of the challenges! We are also looking forward to sports day and the transition arrangements as you prepare to leave for secondary school. 


This term we step into our topic - MAAFA.


This project teaches children about Africa past and present and the development of the slave trade. It also explores Britain’s role in the transatlantic slave trade, the causes and consequences of the European colonisation of Africa and the worldwide communities that make up the African diaspora. The children will work on a variety of both non-fiction and fictional books linked to this topic. 


Our main book for this term is Freedom by Catherine Johnson.   This is about an enslaved Jamaican boy who is separated from his family and taken to work in England. His owners, the Barratts, treat him cruelly, but he is determined to escape and earn the money needed to buy his family’s freedom. While in London, he attends the Zong slave ship’s court hearing and learns about the horrors that took place on board.


Our second text is not linked to our topic but is one of our recommended reads.  The Arrival by Shaun Tan.  This is a picture book and will lead to lots of discussion and writing.  


There are several mini topics which fit into the MAAFA unit of work, which ensures children develop a breadth of skills and knowledge.

Trailblazers, barrier breakers This project teaches children about significant black artists and their work, and provides opportunities to analyse and create artwork inspired by them.

Circulatory system -This project teaches children about the transport role of the human circulatory system, its main parts and their primary functions. They learn about healthy lifestyle choices and the effects of harmful substances on the body.

Tints, tones and shades - This project teaches children about colour theory by studying the colour wheel and exploring mixing tints, shades and tones. They learn about significant landscape artworks and features of landscapes before using this knowledge to create landscape paintings.

Food for lifeThis project teaches children about processed food and healthy food choices. They make bread and pasta sauces and learn about the benefits of whole foods. They plan and make meals as part of a healthy daily menu, and evaluate their completed products.

Our changing world - This essential skills and knowledge project revises the features of Earth, time zones and lines of latitude and longitude to pinpoint places on a map. Children find out more about map scales, grid references, contour lines and map symbols. They learn about climate change and the importance of global trade. Children analyse data and carry out fieldwork to find out about local road safety. They study patterns of human settlements and carry out an enquiry to describe local settlement patterns.


In PE the children will start off by learning rounders and fitness.  After half term this will swap to tag rugby and dodgeball.  Our PE days for this term are Tuesday and Wednesday.   Tuesday the children will need an indoor PE kit - black shoes or long bottoms and a plain white T shirt.  Wednesday the children will need an outdoor PE kit -plain white T shirt, black bottoms and a red, grey or black hoodie or jumper.


I have attached the knowledge organisers which go with each of these topics as well as ideas, which the children need to do at home for their homework, to further their learning.   When children do any tasks at home please bring these into school to share at the end of each half term.


So let’s step into our new topic - MAAFA and learn lots!




  • Homework will be given weekly.   The children will be asked to complete:
  • 15 minutes of their reading books at least 3x per week
  • TT rockstars (3 times a week)


In addition to this

  • Selection of creative topic work (from the working at home ideas sheet) – expected to be handed in at the end of each half term. 



If you have any questions about any of this information or other questions not relating to this please do not hesitate to contact me.


Many thanks.


Mrs Lowry.

Today the children have used base ten to develop a deeper understanding of decimal numbers.

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