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Welcome toThrybergh Fullerton C of E Primary Academy


Welcome to the Autumn Term in FS2 with

Mrs. Lowry, Mrs. Whitehead-Price, Mrs Wootton & Mrs Bentley.



I would like to offer a very warm welcome back after the summer holidays and hope that you all had a good break and are looking forward to the autumn term at school.


The staff are very excited to welcome the new group of children into FS2, this is a very special moment in their lives as they begin full time school and I fully appreciate that for parents this can be quite daunting.  Therefore, if you have any questions at all, no matter how small, please ask one of us - we are always happy to help. 


This term we have planned a very exciting topic, “Why do squirrels hide their nuts?” In this topic the children will be learning all about the seasonal changes in autumn. What changes take place in the environment and what changes animals go through during this time.  We will also learn about traditions at this time of year: harvest, bonfire night and Christmas.  All of this is done through carefully selected books which encourage your children to fully engage with the topic and learn as much as possible.    The books we will use are:   ‘The Scarecrows Wedding’ by Julia Donaldson, ‘Squirrels Busy Day’ by Lucy Barnard, ‘Bear Snores On’ by Karma Wilson and The Nativity Story


All children have a phonics session each day where they will learn four new sounds each week and have one day of consolidation.  This is key to helping your child learn to read and write.  There will be opportunities throughout the year for you to observe these sessions so you can help your child at home.   They will soon begin to blend letters to read words and segment words to write them down.


In maths we will be matching numerals to quantities and learning how to subitise.  We will also learn how to: order two or three items by weight, order two or three items by capacity and use familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models.

If you want to see more of what we are up to please click on the planning links below to see our: progression documents for literacy and maths, the years long term plan and our medium term plan for this topic.



The support you give both the children and school are greatly appreciated and essential for your child to succeed. It is with this support that children really excel and achieve their full potential.



Just a few reminders:

  • Book bags need returning to school every day. This is really important as children’s books are checked regularly and new letters will always be put in these bags. Please check your child’s book bag every day for new letters and homework activities.
  • Children will always have a new reading book to read every week (these are in their book bags). It is so important that this is carried out at home, as reading is fundamental to all we do in school and in further life. The pace of education is so fast and children really do need lots of practice (little and often) in order to maintain this pace.
  • Please ensure all children have a change of indoor and outdoor shoes - the weather will become much wetter and they really need a pair of indoor shoes, especially as we access the outdoor area every day. Please ensure all of the children’s shoes are labelled.
  • PE is usually on a Thursday, although it is best to have kits in school Monday to Friday if possible to accommodate last minute changes.
    Once again, thank you to all of you for helping your children with their continued learning and for supporting us and them in their journey.
    Mrs. G Lowry




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