Place available in all year groups, from September, both 30 hour and 15 hour places available in Nursery.
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Lego Club

Quest #5

city scape is the urban equivalent of a landscape.

Design a city scape out of LEGO. It can be a city or town that you know, or a mysterious, made up place.

Quest #4 Self portraits 

It can be a group of objects that tell a story of who you are.


It can be a 2 dimensional picture of you.


It can be a miniature 3 dimensional model of you.


Or anything else you think would represent your self portrait


Quest #3

Design a creature.


A creature, is a living organism, generally the non-human kind.

Insects, bugs, birds, animals, sea creatures, plants, fungus, micro-organisms, maybe even other worldly?


This creature can be something that already exists, or it can be something that you have just discovered. It can live on Earth, or a different planet.


What I would like to know is its habitat - the environment in which it lives. You can tell me anything about this creature to describe it, like its name, what it eats, etc. Share as much or as little information as you like.


Quest #2 - Flags


What is your favorite flag? Is it a flag of a country, a state, a province, a city or a town? Or is it one you've invented?


Create this flag design (you could use a 2-dimensional mosaic approach), or use the colour or design of the flag to inspire you in any number of ways.

Quest #1 - 'Tools' 


Design a tool.

This can be something that already exists in the tool world, or it can be an invented tool for a particular job that you have in mind. This can be very simple or extremely complex, it's up to you. Maybe even think about some of the first tools ever invented by man or animal to serve them.


Children made 'toy tidies' hammers, cranes, ladders, chairs and lots more