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Remote Learning

Managing online learning for children self-isolating – Sept 2021





What is expected of admin/HT?

What is expected of the child’s teacher?


Scenario 1:


Child is advised to isolate due to symptoms and waiting for PCR result

Update Covid attendance information

Check whether children eligible for FSM


Provide short term work to access from home whilst waiting for test result such as:

Reading activities


Purple Mash

Skills Builders

RWI Spelling

Activities linked to planning for the day in class


Work pack to be dropped off by a member of school staff if required.


It may be possible for the child to access the lesson virtually from home dependent on circumstances and parental wishes.


Scenario 2


Child tests positive and advised to isolate for 10 days

Office staff to register child as COV – child has tested positive


Head contact the LA through the Covid reporting form and DSAT.


Check whether parents/carers would prefer to access education from school virtually or whether they would prefer paper packs.


Check whether child will need access to a laptop for the isolation period.


Ensure the classroom and teacher are equipped with webcam etc is child accessing lessons virtually.




Provide child with:


A couple of reading books

Workbooks – a spare exercise book in the pack for all the work to be recorded in.

Any worksheets to be used for the next 10 days. Do not assume parents can print.

RWI spelling books.

Skills Builders books


Teacher to contact parent or carers ASAP to discuss how work will be provided.


Staff to contact parents regularly if not accessing virtual lessons for welfare checks and support.



Scenario 3


The class teacher has to self-isolate due to a positive test.

The school contacts the parents to let them know that the teacher needs to self-isolate.

The school considers using the following model where appropriate:


Other teaching assistants where appropriate manage the class


The class teacher zooms/TEAMS  live into the class throughout the school day, teaching discreet lessons in short sections, with other adults in class supporting children to complete related activities.


If this model is not appropriate then supply cover to be used.