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Thrybergh Fullerton
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Welcome toThrybergh Fullerton C of E Primary Academy


Dear Parents and Carers

Over the course of the next term we have lots of nice and exciting things happening in class which will give your child new opportunities and experiences. Our new topic for the next term that will be running up until Easter is called ‘Will you read me a story?’. For this topic we will be focusing on a range of different stories from fairy tales to bedtime stories. During our communication and language carpet time the children will have the opportunity to re tell different stories, talk about the characters and understand how a story is structured among many other things. These are all aspects of your child’s literacy development so any work that you can do at home on these areas will help them to develop further in class.


In Maths the children have been learning about shapes in particular shapes in the environment both inside the classroom and outdoors. If you could talk about shapes with your child whilst they are out and about this would be a valuable experience for them and will consolidate the learning they have completed in school. We have also been learning how to order different events that happen during a day so that the children can become familiar with the early stages of time which is about learning the language of now, later, before then and understanding these within their daily routines. The children have also been learning about comparing quantities, saying when two groups have the same amount of objects and matching the amount to a number. The children have enjoyed the fun ways that we have learnt these maths activities so if you would like anymore information on ways to support your child’s maths learning at home, please feel free to see me. After Easter we will be focusing a lot on length, height and weight and will complete lots of activities to support the children’s learning with these new areas both inside and outside. We will also be continuing to learn about patterns and recognising numerals 1-5.


In a morning we have now started the phonics programme Read Write Inc. This will enable your child to learn their letter sounds in order for them to put these into their reading and writing. This is a fun session where the children can also watch a video focusing on the letter sounds they are learning that week. We will learn 2 sounds a week and on a Thursday the children will be bringing home two sheets with the sounds on that we have learnt in phonics that week. If you could help your child to fill this in at home it will really help to consolidate their phonics learning every week. If you require any extra information about how we teach phonics please do not hesitate to come and see me


Here are some reminders of things to help your child have a more enjoyable learning experience in F1. Please feel free to clarify anything you do not fully understand or would like more information on.

  • Just a reminder that if your child would like to take a new book in their book bag, could you please do this as part of the morning/afternoon settling in process before you leave. If you need to leave earlier than the bell for any reason if you could let me know so we can make sure your child is safe and on the carpet looking at a book.

  • Could we kindly remind you if you have not already done so to bring your child a water bottle. We ask if you can wash it and fill it up on a daily basis so your child has a fresh supply of drinking water available throughout the day. If you would like to take the water bottle home on a weekend to wash it you are more than welcome to do this.

  • Thank you for completing the stars about things your child has completed at home, it has been lovely to read them and they have loved getting golden tickets for these. If you could carry on writing the stars it will be good as they contribute towards your childs assessment (in their red folder) and will help them to progress further. Often children do things at home that we can’t see at school so it is nice for them to be rewarded for their new achievements.

  • The children who attend school in the morning will be starting a PE session every tuesday. They do not require a kit for PE as they will just be taking their shoes and socks off and becoming familiar with this routine ready for their new class in september. If your child wears earrings we ask that you take them out every Tuesday as they will not be able to participate if they have them in due to safety reasons.

  • Just a reminder that it is show and tell every Friday. This is where the children can bring in something from home (a toy, book, photo, certificate etc) to show and talk about with their friends, this opportunity will also help the children’s communication skills to develop ( Please do not send fragile or valuable items).


Thankyou again for your continued support if you have any questions please feel free to see me


Miss Wigfield