School will close today, Friday 20 July 2018, for the Summer Holidays........................ School will re - open for pupils on Wednesday 5 September 2018 at normal times........................
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Welcome toThrybergh Fullerton C of E Primary Academy

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2 with
Mrs Whitehead-Price and
Mrs Tordoff

Welcome back to school for the summer term. We are looking forward to lots of new learning opportunities over the coming weeks. 


We continue to work with Mrs Tordoff on Mondays and Tuesdays, then with Mrs Whitehead-Price for the rest of the week.

This term we will be working on our new topic; Paws, Claws and Whiskers. We will be learning all about different types of animals, with a focus on Big Cats. We will be finding out about their features and habitats. We are looking forward to visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park to see the animals up close. This is an amazing opportunity to find out lots of information from the expert keepers and to see the animals in real life. Please bear in mind that on the day of the visit we will be outside ALL day so please ensure your child is dressed appropriately and has suitable footwear. 

Group 2's P.E sessions this half term will take place on a Monday and Tuesday . Please can you make sure that your child has suitable P.E kit in school for these days and ensure that ALL clothes are fully labelled with your child’s name. Some of these lessons may take place outside so please ensure your child is provided with suitable kit for indoor and outdoor PE. On Mondays our PE lessons will be lead by Active Fusion coaches and on Tuesdays Mrs Tordoff will be teaching PE in the afternoon. 


To keep our school environment clean could children please have a change of indoor shoes or slippers. There is a space in the classroom for children to keep their shoes, we really would like to keep our carpet area clean.
Spelling tests will take place every Tuesday, with new spellings to be given out to be practised at home for the following week. We thank you for your help in supporting your child with this.

Reading diaries are to be brought into school daily, so that the children can have them written in  by staff if they read in school time. The children receive a special award in assembly for every 50 reads so please continue to fill in the reading diaries. 


Please could you bring your school reading book into school to be changed in the new library area. Children will receive a sticker on the reading chart each time they change their book. This can be done as and when you feel it is appropriate to change it, ideally this should be done once a week. Listening to your child read for just ten minutes each day can have a significant impact on their learning.

If you have any queries about anything please don’t hesitate to ask. We are always happy to help. 
Thank you
Mrs Whitehead-Price and Mrs Tordoff.


Here are some ideas of activities you could do at home to support your child in their topic learning this term. We would be really pleased to see any completed work. Alternatively, if you have any other ideas based on the topic please bring them to show us.

Homework Ideas:

Make a scrapbook about your pet. What is the pet's name? What type of animal is it? You can add photographs and information about how to keep your pet healthy.

Create a block graph by finding out about your friends and families pets or favourite animal. 

visit the local library to find out about your favourite animal and make an information leaflet/poster. 

Use the internet to research how to make a bird feeder and look out for the different birds that come into your garden. Make a scrap book to show what you did. 

Research an endangered animal. Find out where it lives and why it is endangered. paint or draw a picture of it.

Make an animal mask or hat. 

Use pictures to sort out animals into different groups depending on their characteristics. You could sort them into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. 

Watch a wildlife documentary then have a go about making a mini documentary about your pet. 

find out about the different camouflage markings of animals and have a go at painting them. 

Collect some Amazing Animal Facts and make a booklet. Which animal is the fastest, strongest or heaviest?

Can you find out the names of any animals in a different language?  Make a mini book to show the animal and its name in your chosen language. Have a go at teaching your friends the new words. 

Make a model of your favourite animal or big cat. 


We hope you enjoy working on your homework project, and we look forward to seeing some more of your amazing work. 

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