Design and Technology

Design and Technology Intent 

The aim at Thrybergh Fullerton is to provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident, resilient and successful, life-long learners.  

Through the implementation of a broad and balanced curriculum, we aim for our children to have high aspirations and to make an active and positive contribution to their school, their community and the wider society; now and in the future.  

To develop our children's cultural capital we will give our children first hand experiences, build resilience and challenge, particularly when thinking about future opportunities. We will strive to help children see themselves as designers, confident with technologies and a knowledge of how to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle through food technology.

Long term plan for Design and Technology

Cornerstones Curriculum 22 (Single Age)

Design and Technology Curriculum Overview 2022

Curriculum 22 Design and Technology Overview

Component and Composite Knowledge Overview Examples

Year 1 Curriculum 22 Subject Sequence

Year 4 Curriculum 22 Subject Sequence for DT

Examples of Design and Technology Assessment Maps

DT Year 1 Assessment Map- Shade and Shelter

DT Year 4 Assessment Map- Functional and Fancy Fabrics

Link to Design and Technology National Curriculum

PRIMARY National Curriculum - Design and Technology

Make Do and Mend

This is our new topic in year 6. We are looking at the war era, and how the woman were challenged to Make Do and Mend. We have looked at adverts from the era and had a go at some of the stitches. Today we tried to master the running, blanket and whip stitches. We all had a great try and showed some resilience when things didn't go to plan.

Exploring and making moving mechanisms
Is this material suitable for a green house?
Making green houses
Shields home learning projects Y3 & 4
Y2 practicing their running stitch
Y4 Designing and making moving vehicles
Year 1 making healthy food choices
Superhero capes family workshop
DT building bridges Y6 family learning
Class 3 - Stone age tools
Class 1 - Making Gruffalo treats
Class 2 'Our own community' house models
Victorian Slum houses in class 6
Reading instructions and making Roman Bread in Class 3
Family baking in class 2
Picture this 2021
Year 4/5 - food technology and creating tshirt designing explaining the digestive system
Box models year 2