Our school fully recognises the contribution it can make to protect children from harm and supporting and promoting the welfare of all children who are registered pupils at our school. This will include recognising when they are at risk and how to get help when they need it and identifying children who may benefit from early help. We also assess the risks and issues in the wider community when considering the wellbeing and safety of our pupils. The elements of our policy and practice are prevention, protection and support.

School staff are well trained to be able to identify children who are possibly at risk and all concerns are reported to the Designated Safeguarding Leads. In our school these people are; Mrs Lambert, Mrs Allard, Mrs Lowry, Miss Cheetham and Mrs Plummer.

All staff in school are trained to ensure that the child is at the centre of all we do and any concerns; no matter how small they seem, could be part of a wider picture of concern.

Our school adheres to all statutory guidance from the Department for Education and all staff have received a copy of the latest update of Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1.

Anyone on with any concerns about the welfare of a child can share concerns with school staff but we can never promise confidentiality where we feel a child is at risk.

The Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) will take referrals from members of the public too by telephoning 01709 336080.

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Rotherham MASH

Online Safety

The Internet is an incredibly exciting part of our everyday world. It offers us the opportunity to explore the world from our own home. As with everything, for all the very exciting opportunities this virtual world presents a whole set of new risks.

We need to ensure that our children and young people, and ourselves, know what the dangers can be, and hopefully teach them how to respond to these dangers responsibly and safely. Young people and many adults live in an always-on, social, digital and connected world, and it is the only world they have ever known.

Whilst the Internet brings amazing opportunities for us to learn, create and socialise, it is our duty as adults to help them navigate this online world safely. Children and young people must recognise that every click, every post, every purchase and every photo we upload leaves a digital footprint.

It is important to start the conversations about internet safety at an early age, to help set boundaries together and provide a clear understanding of when it is safe to explore the Internet freely. We need to build resilience with our young people and offer unconditional support to ensure their online world is safe.

Rotherham Safeguarding Children Partnership

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