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Welcome toThrybergh Fullerton C of E Primary Academy


Welcome to the Spring Term in Foundation One with

Mrs Stabler, 

Mrs Hutchinson and Mrs Dewsnap


It is lovely to see the children back in school, they are all eager and excited to learn, which is lovely to see! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and we would like you wish you all a Happy New Year! 


A warm welcome to our new children who have started this week, the children have settled into school really well and are busy learning all the routines of the class. They are beginning to develop their own interests as well as making new friends. Thank you for all your support in settling the children into their new class. If you have any questions please see one of the foundation team, we are always here to help and support you.


Our topic for the spring term is “Do Cows Drink Milk?” In this topic the children will be learning all about the seasonal changes in spring. What changes take place in the environment and what changes farm animals go through during this time? We will also learn about traditions that are celebrated at this time of year: Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day, Pancake Day and Easter.  All of this is done through carefully selected books which encourage your children to fully engage with the topic and learn as much as possible. The books we will use are: non-fiction books about farm animals and farming, Farmer Duck, Rosie’s Walk and The Little Red Hen.    



In phonics we are following the RWI nursery programme to help your child learn the pictures that correspond with each letter sound. We will be playing phonics games such as I spy, cross the river and silly soup to hear and say the initial sounds in words. Some children are beginning to blend the sounds in order to read and write simple CVC words.


In literacy we will be listening to and retelling lots of new stories using actions and story maps to help us. We will be talking about the key events in the book and retelling them in an order, as well as discussing the different characters from the story. Throughout the term we will be practicing writing the letters in our names as well as beginning to write simple CVC words and labels.


In numeracy we are developing our counting skills so we can count to 10 and beyond, as well as recognising the numbers 1-10. When you are out and about with your child, see what numbers you can find in the environment. You might see different numbers on house doors, number plates or buses. This will give your child lots of opportunity to see what the numbers look like. Any practice will really support your child’s development. We will also be learning the names of the 2D shapes and using mathematical language to describe them as well as weighing and measuring a variety of objects.


During the term we have lots of activities planned to develop and strengthen our finger muscles to build our strength when writing. We will be having lots of fun with dough disco and funky finger activities. 


Our PE day is Wednesday, we will be going into the hall to experiment moving in different ways, finding a space and playing different games. The children will not need a PE kit, we will only be practicing taking our own shoes and socks off. 


Our routines and reminders:


  • Library lending books are placed in the classroom, they will be available every day, please change your child’s book as often as possible. Please write the book you have chosen on your child’s reading sheet. Your child can colour in a square on their own Elmer every time they have read a book at home. Once their chart is full they can have a dip in our class treasure box. Thank you to all of you for reading at home with your child, this will make a big difference to the progress your child makes. 


  • Thank you to all of you who have been bringing book bags every day. It is really important to bring them to school every day so we can send home new letters and any of the children’s pictures or work. 


  • Can you please send your child to school with a spare change of clothes, pants, socks, trousers/skirt as accidents occur and it’s helpful if your child has their own clothes to change into. Please leave them in a bag on their peg. 


  • Can you please send a pair of wellies for your child to keep at school, to use in our mud kitchen and digging area. 


  • We have a ‘little stars’ display in the classroom, these are for you to complete to share your child’s achievements from home. These contribute to your child’s assessment and are a vital part of the progress your child will make. This is an opportunity for us to hear about and celebrate your child’s home achievements.


  • Show and tell will be every Friday, the children can bring a toy, photo, certificate etc. to show and talk about with their friends. This will help develop the children’s communication and language skills, as well as their confidence to speak in a familiar group. (Please do not send any fragile or valuable items) 


Thank you for entrusting you child to us this year. We promise to do our best each day to guide your child in exploring and learning, as well as helping them to feel safe and valued.


We look forward to working with you this year so that together we can make sure your child is as happy as possible and can achieve their full potential.


Thank you for your support!


K Stabler and the Foundation One Team

We really enjoyed our visit from the Animal Ark!

We really enjoyed our visit from the Animal Ark!  1
We really enjoyed our visit from the Animal Ark!  2
We really enjoyed our visit from the Animal Ark!  3
We really enjoyed our visit from the Animal Ark!  4
We really enjoyed our visit from the Animal Ark!  5
We really enjoyed our visit from the Animal Ark!  6
We really enjoyed our visit from the Animal Ark!  7
We really enjoyed our visit from the Animal Ark!  8
We really enjoyed our visit from the Animal Ark!  9