Historic Heroes

Emperors and Empires

In the Emperors and Empires project, your child will learn about the growth and decline of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. They will discover the absolute power of the Roman emperors and study the hierarchies of Roman society and the Roman army. They will study the first invasions of Britain in 55 and 54 BC and the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43. They will learn about Boudicca’s rebellion, Hadrian’s Wall and the Romanisation of Britain, including how Christianity came to Britain and investigate the legacy of Roman Britain in their local area.

Companion projects

Mosaic Masters - This project teaches children about the history of mosaics, before focusing on the colours, patterns and themes found in Roman mosaic. The children learn techniques to help them design and make a mosaic border tile.

Plant Nutrition and Reproduction - This project teaches children about the requirements of plants for growth and survival. They describe the parts of flowering plants and relate structure to function, including the roots and stem for transporting water, leaves for making food and the flower for reproduction.

Light and Shadows - This project teaches children about light and dark. They investigate the phenomena of reflections and shadows, looking for patterns in collected data. The risks associated with the Sun are also explored.

Beautiful Botanicals - This project teaches children about the genre of botanical art. They create natural weavings, two-colour prints and beautiful and detailed botanical paintings of fruit.

Greenhouse - This project teaches children about the purpose, structure and design features of greenhouses, and compares the work of two significant greenhouse designers. They learn techniques to strengthen structures and use tools safely. They use their learning to design and construct a mini greenhouse.

I have attached the knowledge organiser for our topic as well as ideas which the children can do at home for extra homework, to further their learning.  

Our PE days for this term are Monday and Tuesday. Your children will need full PE kit for both days - plain white T shirt, black bottoms and a red, grey or black hoodie or jumper.


Homework will be given weekly. The children will be asked to complete:

  • 15 minutes of their reading books at least 3x per week
  • Times tables practise https://ttrockstars.com/ and https://apps.explorelearning.com/account/reflex/login/student
  • Spellings to learn: 

Spelling word list for Year 3 and Year 4 

Occasional topic tasks may be set.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks

Mrs Schofield, Mrs Wolstenholme and Mrs Plummer

Topic related documents

Knowledge Organiser

Home Learning Workbook

Home Learning

Word Mat

Useful documents

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